Can I come whenever? Do you have a lock box?

Check in is at 3 PM or later by appointment only.  I need to know your ETA, and I'll be there to welcome you. I prefer a personal approach, and will welcome you personally. After all this is a sensitive environment and you'll need information.

How can I book? Is there a calendar?

Book through Airbnb. Calendar and booking: Click here.

Can I smoke on the property?

Yes, at designated spaces OUTSIDE ONLY. Never dispose of cigarette butts in the desert, and put them out with water when you are done smoking outside (the desert is dry = fire hazard!) ANY sign of smoking inside will incur an extra $100 cleaning fee (to cover deep cleaning), as well as instant eviction. No exceptions! Absolutely no drugs on the property.

I don't know the area. Will I find something to do?

Absolutely! Joshua Tree is a vibrant place. I'll furnish you with lists of good places to eat and interesting places to visit during check in. You will find a lot of information about happenings/restaurants/the area in your vacation rental. Also, do not hesitate to ask me questions, and visit the page "About Joshua Tree." I am also happy to help you plan your trip or book tables/events for you. Visit the "Contact" page and get in touch.

When is check out?

Check out is at 11 AM (Helios House) and 12 PM (Studio Shangri La and Helios House Studio)

Is there wifi on the property?


Why can I only book via airbnb?

Because I keep track of bookings via their calender system. Airbnb helps hosts (and guests) in difficult situations. We need a little safety. Also, their payment system is streamlined and easy for guest and host alike. You can book location rental with me directly, BUT contact me well ahead of time.

Can I bring my child?

Contact me, and we'll discuss. There are things to look out for, and the desert can be challenging for children.

Can I bring friends?

Not without permission.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are curious, and might approach wild animals.  I love dogs. But there are burrowing owls and road runners nesting on the property as well as desert squirrels, gophers, chipmunks and foxes about. So my general rule is NO to bringing pets. There are dangers for your dog out here, and San Bernadino County leash law dictates that all pet dogs have to be on a leash at all times on unfenced properties.

If you have a service dog, you can bring it, but this is subject to a $30 extra cleaning fee, as I need professional cleaning to get rid of allergens and all pet hairs. Cleaning also takes more time, so you have to check out at 11 AM. You will also have to sign a declaration stating that you will replace everything with equivalent items if your dog destroys anything.

Can I have a party?

Absolutely no loud parties. My properties are not party houses. There are enough of those about. If you stay here, you'll be staying on a serene property. Sound carries very far in the desert, and for us, a party a 1/2 mile away is as loud as a party next door. Please respect our neighbours. If you do not respect this, you will be subject to immediate eviction. No exception. Please keep noise level down after 10 PM.

Do you accept same day bookings?

If the calender is open - Yes.

When can I use the fire pit/chimney?

Remember you are in one of the driest environments on earth, so please make sure that the fire pit is ALWAYS covered and NEVER used if the winds are higher than 5 mph throughout the year (to prevent danger of flying sparks, which causes wildfires). Uncovered fires are subject to license only, and strictly prohibited - even in campsites - between 5/31 and 10/1 (San Bernadino County fire legislation).

If you use the fire pit, please fill a container with water, take it with you outside and drown the fire when you are done.

Can I walk about freely in the desert outside your 10 acre property?

Yes, but show consideration for others. Never walk into someone else's property, and be aware that the "No Trespassing" signs apply to you if you see one.

I need to cancel. Will I get a refund?

My cancellation policy is strict. This means that I'll refund you 50% up until 1 week prior to arrival.

Please also note:

•  Cleaning fees are always refunded if you do not check in.
•  The Airbnb service fee is refundable (up to 3 times per year) if you cancel before the trip starts.
•  Applicable taxes will be retained and remitted.

Why do the house rules state that I have to take my trash with me?

There is no trash collection out here. I have to haul all trash. It's time-consuming and expensive. I an happy to process your recycling for you. Please leave glass items, plastic bottles and drink cans when you check out.

Can I have a photo shoot or do filming on the property?

Only in the event that you have contacted me before arrival, we have come to an agreement, and there is a signed contract involved, as this is outside the scope of vacation rentals. No exceptions.

General info:

•  Day location rental fees start at $1200. It might cost more depending on size of production.
•  Location rental fees are payable on the day of production at the latest. All the usual paperwork applies.
•  The production company will have to provide all appropriate insurance.
•  There has to be a paid location manager on site, and that person should be chosen by me.
•  I can help with catering, lodging and general production. Let's discuss. I am experienced in event production and I am happy to help.

What about snakes?

The entire Mojave desert is a natural habitat for snakes. Most people fear snakes because they do not understand them or their importance in the natural world. While several species are potentially dangerous to humans, they are not aggressive, and will avoid you unless you force them to defend themselves. Most are harmless creatures that form vital links in their ecosystems as highly efficient predators of rodents. Common sense is the best protection against dangerous species when afield. If you find a snake - LEAVE IT ALONE! Never try to handle it, and keep your distance. Contact me immediately!

ALWAYS wear closed toe shoes in the desert.